Monday, April 27, 2009

S/S09 PLOTZ POP-UP STORE at Gallery de Vie

S/S09 PLOTZ POP-UP STORE at Gallery de Vie
PLOTZ, a young fashion label, is presenting
S/S 09 women’s collection at Gallery de Vie,
and ready to flatter the elegance.
Starting May 1, Gallery de Vie features a POP-UP campaign of PLOTZ,
showcasing the current S/S women collection - Enclosed Herewith.
The designer applies the concept of wrapping paper as to clothe human body.
Bringing about a stunning effect on the texture of design by using soft fabrics,
not only it shows PLOTZ core – emphasis in cutting and silhouette,
but also the complication of components that contribute to the formation of body armor.
Featuring bonus, TRUFFLE Series, a new category of PLOTZ collection,
promotes the fascinating growth of truffles in wild nature.
Composed by the unpolished wood and brass under the
hand of genuine craftsmanship, every piece represents a hope,
energy and last but not the least, an attitude.

Start Time:
Friday, May 1, 2009 at 1:00pm
End Time:
Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 9:00pm
Gallery de Vie, G/F, No. 45
Gough Street
This is the 1st time i cooperate with a fashion designer.
It's a very interesting experience and i'm happy to work with him and his team.
"Truffle Series", it's a real challenge for me as i have to finish a
little collection in a very short time for the designer to bring them to Paris.
every piece,every steps are all handmade by me only...
it makes me exhausted..>_<..
luckily i can complete this mission....
waiting for the next interesting topic..

My artist statement for 2 set of works

忘記數字‧forget all numbers


選擇失憶 , 很純粹地活下去 , 可‧以‧ 嗎?

forget your age
forget your height
forget your weight
forget your scores
forget your money
forget your passwords
forget all numbers......

Just forget everything and simply continue our lives. O‧k‧a‧y?

記憶‧凝住 : Frozen‧ Memory

曾經以為重要的事情也 變得模糊

freezes and melts into pieces
Unforgettable memory fades away.

《失憶/記憶》奇妙感覺之旅‧"Amnesia/Reminiscence"a journey of wonder

昨天認真非常,今天卻拋諸腦後。 當年紀越大,記憶力除之而減退的時候,
今次「失憶 / 記憶」的展覽,意念來自忽發其想。

"Amnesia" means loss of memory or recollection.
Foremost we have to decide whether the memory or recollection is important.
If not, might as well forget it! Our power to remember is limited.
Each person uses his own ways to remember things or events important to him,
such as birthdays of good friends, password of bank account, wedding anniversary,
the 18th birthday party or details of a trip to Europe with someone.
The line between remembering and forgetting is a thin one.
In one moment we may recall and then lose it in the next.
What was taken serious yesterday might be totally discarded today.
The power of memory diminishes with age.
But childhood memories of years past often spring up out of nowhere.
This "Amnesia/Reminiscence"Exhibition is born of a blink.
Seven artists try to present for eyes to see,
through the link between art and object and refined with passion,
the wonderful feelings in the matrix of space and time formed by
and interweaving of ‘remember’ and ‘forget’.

日期‧2009年4月18日 [星期六] - 5月16日 [星期六]
時間‧下午十二時三十分至晚上七時 [星期一至五]
上午十時至晚上六時 [星期六]
[ 星期日及公眾假期休息]

Date ‧18Apr2009[Sat] - 16May2009[Sat]
Venue‧St. James' Creation Ceramics Gallery
G/F, 85 Stone Nullah Lane , Wanchai, Hong Kong
Time‧12:30pm-7:00pm[Monday to Friday]
[ closed on Sunday & Public Holiday]
For more details:

My Latest workshop - Wearable Elements Workshop

27th December 2008,WE workshop opening!!!

WE workshop (Wearable Elements Workshop)
The interest in and a vision for hand-made
silverware had brought the four of us
(Vincent AY , Pilz AY ,Abram Chu and Sze wai ling) together,
taking up a specific part of our time and space.
We became a unity and this gave birth to the WE workshop.
We try from our daily life, to rediscover things and events forgotten.
From such inspiration, we create our silverware.
Articles we make are meant to be intimate treasure for you
to wear or keep by your side.All our silver articles are conceived
and made in our Workshop. They are displayed in our small gallery,
for you to see and buy.We plan to oranize talks on silverware,
providing opportunities for people interested to meet and discuss.
Our place and facilities could be let out.
We accept personal orders for designing silverware.
You may also put your silver articles in our Workshop for sale.
Contact Us:
‧17/F Richmake Commercial Building
198-200 Queen's Road CentralSheung Wan,Hong Kong
‧9687 5634